Here are the Yoga styles we can practice together:

Authentic Flow

Authentic Flow is a dynamic style that includes somatics (which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience), asanas (the Yoga poses we’re more familiar with) and free movement. We will move for the whole time, but this doesn’t mean the classes will always have a fast pace.

Every class will have a different focus point: when it’ll be muscles, the class will likely be faster and more dynamic, while when starting from bones it’ll be much slower.

embodied yin

Embodied Yin is built on the same principles as Authentic Flow, but we will linger more into stillness.


Vinyasa classes will be quite dynamic, in which every movement is intimately linked to our breath.

I’m thinking I’d like to make them focussed on core strength.


In Hatha classes every shape -asana- will be held for a longer period of time, giving us the time to find your alignment, which is to say the right alignment for your unique body, while strengthening your muscles.


Yin is a very slow paced kind of Yoga. It's practiced mostly sitting, and every pose is held for 3 up to 5 minutes.

It works primarily on our joints and the non-elastic tissues of our body, such as bones, tendons and ligaments.

Even though it's very slow and with no apparent movement, Yin Yoga doesn't have to be cofused with "restorative" Yoga. While the latter is meant to put as less stress as possible on our body, Yin Yoga is meant to push our bondaries and challange our comfort zone.

Weekly Love Letters

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