Yoga for post-traumatic anxiety

I see you.

I know you’re asking yourself this question every day: “How could no one see it?”


I hear you.

I know you’re torn between the desperate need of asking for help, and the desperate need to say as little as possible.

I know you feel like a wild animal in a cage, that watches people pass by, never fully awake, never fully asleep.

In this constant longing for connection and sheer terror of other people.

In a constant fear of being present to our own body, because being present to it means being present to all the pain that it’s gripping it.


I know all of that because it happened to me.

But I also know that, beyond terror and shame, there are days made of lightness, filled with the happy-go-lucky laughters of a holiday, the “normal” days, the beautifully normal days.


During these 10 weeks together I will guide you to slowly get back in touch with your body, to slowly release the pain it’s holding.


In the first part of our journey, we will focus on learning diaphragmatic breath: allowing our belly to soften to deepen the breath, noticing the effects it has on the body.

We will approach it slowly, and you will take all the time you need to get there.

The only right timing is your timing.


That will be followed by grounding, floor poses.

We will start to explore bodily sensations from a place of full physical support.


Then we will move to strength and power poses, so that you can experience and embody the feeling of strength and power of your own self.

In the last classes we will move towards very gentle heart openers, to close the circle of grounding, strengthening and opening. 


If you feel ready for that, we might even explore some free movement.

Learning to move our bodies from within, in a way that doesn’t follow instructions, but that arises from the connection and the ability to listen to our own body.

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I would love to start this 10 week journey with you at the beginning of February 2021.

The classes will be live, on-line via Zoom, 1 hour 15 minutes long.

The financial investment is of 200€.

The classes will be recorded and available to you for 2 weeks, so that if you can't attend live you'll be able to practice anyway. Don't worry, no one except myself will appear in the recordings.

Classes will take place on Sunday afternoon from 4 to 5 pm.

To register or get more information, you can send me an email at, or book a free call with me here.

Choose the option that makes you feel more comfortable.