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I so enjoyed the 3 weeks of Yin with Silvia! It gave me a routine of practise at least 2 days a week. A bit of me-time. Husband and kids knew I was in class those 2 hours a week and let me be. And it's so much nicer to do yoga with a live teacher than with a Youtube video. I felt a bit like in a real live class. It was always to nice to see Silvia's smile and hear her nice sweet guiding voice! It made my mind and body so much more relaxed. I loved it and I would highly recommend it



I woke up this night, feeling anxious, monkey brain. I put on your breathe session. Got me relaxed. Could sleep right after. 3h laters, awake again. Anxious again. Put on your meditation session. Fell asleep after 2 minutes. Thank you so much. Namaste.

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I love your small chats at the start of the yin practices. They plant a small seed that keeps on growing for weeks and sometimes months  afterwards I particularly liked the serenity prayer and last week’s resolution to nurture a certain feeling this year.

Weekly Love Letters

Each week I send out a Love Letter with incredible facts about your beautiful body, updates about classes and the membership and, mostly, to remind you how already perfect you are.


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