Yin Yoga magic - Shoulders and neck


How many of us are sitting long hours at a time? And with that come closed shoulders and neck tension. I know. But 5 minutes per day of passive heart openers might give you an incredible sense of openness

and release.

Of course that's not enough on its own to counteract long hours of sitting, but we have to start somewhere. One of my favorites is the one you see in the picture at the right. Start with a support at a hight that feels good for your body, it can be a folded blanket, a yoga block or a book, get creative and experiment! Then position the prop you've chosen at "bra line", lie on it and let gravity do all the work. MIND

Often we think that it's our muscles that determine our flexibility.

That can for sure be the case.

But sometimes there's just so much more to it. And, yes, you got it, often it is our mind to determine our flexibility, especially in areas that tend to soak up our emotional tension. When we go and poke those sensitive areas, our mind tightens them up to protect them. The practice of Yin is perfect to talk gently to our mind, showing her that we are aware of our limits, and we want to honor and respect them. With time and patience.


What I'm about to say is very important, and sometimes forgotten. Yoga is gonna have incredible effects on your body, mind, emotions, on your whole self.

And when

you will look back to the person you were two years before, you'll know you are in such a better place. But this is gonna take time. The practice is gonna move and touch things you had spent years to carefully push deep down. And that is not gonna be nice. But moving and touching those things is the first step to finally let them out. So remember this, that the practice might not feel good from the very beginning. It might get ugly sometimes. But that's the whole point: learning how to sit with the ugly and then rise.

I hope this article was in some way useful to you and, if you enjoyed it, let me know which part you enjoyed the most: body, mind or emotions?

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