Yin Yoga Magic - Hips

The first thing to know about Yin Yoga is what makes it different from other styles: Yin is a very slow paced practice, where every posture is held for several minutes.

its silence and stillness make it a real challange not only for the body, but also -and sometimes even more so- for the mind.

Today we're gonna talk about the hips.


If you sit for long hours at a time, or rarely have the chance to change position during the day, you

might have experienced a feeling of tightness to your hips, the need to open up.

In this case, Yin Yoga would be so good for you, because you're gonna apply to your hips the same counter force: slow, steady pressure in the opposite direction.

By practicing a few hip opners regularly you'll feel again the beauty of open hips.


Given how our minds are used to move frentically, and how it feels like wasting time whenever we

pause in stillness, it's no surprise that this practice might sometimes feel more difficult for the mind rather than the body.

So, in an attempt to get you to move and DO something, your mind will try to trick you in every possible way, also by telling you that you HAVE to move because your body cannot take a certain pose anymore.

By resisting the urge to move and by focusing on slowing your breath down, you are creating new pathways in your brain (how cool is that?!) teaching your mind that it CAN slow down, and that your body CAN stay a little longer in that pose.


Every single emotion we feel triggers a lot of chemical reactions in our body. When, for whatever

reason, we don't express our emotions, allowing the process to run its course, those emotions get stuck in our body. Think about chronic neck pain related to stress and anxiety, or ulcera related to the same.

While we're used to associate stress with pain or tension in our neck, shoulders or stomach, we don't often think about the hips.

They are actually a huge emotion storage area in our body. So many feelings get stuck in there.

Because of this, working on your hips takes you normally to the extremes, either you love it, or you hate it.

In either case, focus on the idea that you're releasing so much tension that doesn't serve you anymore, finally freeing your hips from useless weight.

Then start to pay attention to how you experience your emotions, and see if anything has changed.

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