Yin Yoga magic - Wrists, ankles and feet

Updated: Mar 4, 2020



We use our wrists very much daily both in our jobs and asana practice, so they really deserve some extra care.

In addition, our lifestyle implies a constant use of computer and phones, which put a lot of stress on our wrists.

Holding these stretches a few minutes per day is gonna bring new life to your joints.



Now give this a try: sit on your heels, toes tucked.

I want to stay extremely focused on the sensations coming from your feet.

I’m sure this won’t be a problem though, as the sensations you feel might get very intense pretty fast.

One minute into this, and your mind might already be yelling at you to “stop immediately!” and “why oh WHY would you do this to us?!”

So now I’m gonna tell you something and I need you to trust me because I have been there as well: You can do it. You can sit there for one, whole, minute longer. Your body can take it. You just have to convince your mind.

Start slowly, by holding this pose no longer than a minute at a time, and take long, slow outbreaths all the while.



Our feet and ankles are literally the foundations of our body, what give us support and stability.

Our feet were made to get rough, to feel the contact with earth, to expand so to give us all the support they could. Our toes were made to wiggle and be mobile, to grab objects and give us feedback and information.

By wearing shoes all day everyday, often very tight shoes, we’reclosing our feet in cages, we suffocate them, and we take their purpose away from them. We’re taking away support and foundation from ourSelves.

Today try and stay barefoot, standing tall, with your eyes closed. Feel every sensation that your feet are sending back to you, the temperature of the floor, it’s smoothness, you’re balance constantly, slightly changing, every micro movement going on in your feet and ankles at every second.


How did this make you feel?


Leave me a comment and let me know.

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