How to choose the perfect mat for YOU and your practice

What's the perfect mat for you? With such a big offer, choosing our mat can become an overwhelming endeavour. Read my tips to make it a little bit easier!

"There is no perfect mat, but only the right mat for you."

When it comes to choosing a mat, there are two things that you need to consider: which practice you want to use it for, and the specificity of your own body.

If the practice you intend to use it for is a rather active one, say Ashtanga or Bikram, you might want to choose a mat with a very good grip: you'll be moving fast and possibly sweat quite a lot, so you'll want to be sure that your mat isl not going to make you slip face-first.

Remember that what feels like the best gripping mat for someone might not feel the same for you. Therefore, even if advice is always nice, I suggest you try your mat before buying it. Personally I would buy on-line only a mat that I've already had the chance to try.

If, on the other hand, you want to practice something slow paced as Yin, where you have to stand still for prolonged periods of time, maybe, rather than to the grip, you might want to give more attention to the cushioning. A thicker, softer mat will feel more comfortable than a very thin one.

And then there's your own body. After breaking my knee I developed a level of hyper-sensitivity, so I always like to have the thickest mat possible. That one I have, though, doesn't have much grip, so I found one with the right grip for me (that happens to be very thin) and I use them together, one on top of the other.

So remember that, ultimately, there's no perfect mat, but only the perfect mat for you. Ask yourself what you need and what you like, try it if possible, and get ready to practice!


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