Hatha - Balance, practice makes progress. But sometimes it doesn't.

One thing that I used to say a lot is “practice makes progress”.

Sometimes this is true, but sometimes it isn’t.

One case in which it isn’t, at least not always and not in a straight line, is certainly balance. In our lessons together you’ve noticed how some days I might even start dancing in front of you, and you’re as stable as a grounded, majestic tree, while some other days there’s no way to stop flatfacing.

I see your frustration and I recognize it, but the only smart thing we can do here… is accepting it.

Developing our muscle strength, our proprioception and our focus will for sure improve our balance, and yet some days we will fall. All. The. Time.

Because our physical balance is strictly intertwined with our mental balance.

So, when you feel as unstable as me skating on ice, stop trying to balance and start trying to understand: what is it that prevents you from balancing?

If it’s an injured foot, our job is pretty much done.

But if not, did you sleep well?

And if not, what was it that kept you up?

Did you have a discussion with a colleague that upset you?

Or maybe you didn’t have that discussion, and *that* is the thing that upset you.

The practice of balance poses is a precious tool: when you manage, because it’s fun, and when you don’t because it makes it very clear when you’re mind is unsettled -even if you’re trying to ignore it-.

When my mind is restless, there are a number of things I do to work on it.

What are yours?

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