What’s your relationship with your skin?

What's the first thing that has come to mind when I've asked you that?

Our skin is the first thing that other people see of us, she bears such a huge responsibility.

While you can hide your feelings, your thoughts, many other body parts, there’s no way you can hide your skin.

That’s a part of you that’s always gonna be there for everyone to see.

With its color, its scars, its imperfections.

I’ve always been so focused on those, the imperfections, that for the longest time I have forgotten the immense work that my skin does.

She’s lovingly protecting everything on the inside; she’s taking all the blame when my mind cares too much about other people’s comments; despite of all the soaps and cheap fabrics, she can still self regulate to stay elastic and moist; she can stretch to incredible measures, so much to allow space for another human being, and she bends and folds to allow my every movement; she stays soft where softness is needed, and she gets rougher and stronger where roughness and strength are needed.

Our skin is a miracle, it would be a pity to dismiss all of this magnificence based on a few imperfections.

How would it be, how would it feel to look at the world through the lens of our skin?

Our skin knows when to stay soft and feel it all, and when to get rough to feel less.

Both are needed.

Can your mind discern that with the accuracy of your skin?

She stretches enormously in special conditions.

Can your mind adapt so well to new situations?

The next time you’re facing a new situation, how interesting would it be to stop for a moment and think: “What would my skin do?”

***For the next three weeks, my Authentic Flow (vinyasa) classes will be about skin.

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