These are 5 little things that I think might make you enjoy your practice even more, especially if you're new to it. Is there anything that resonates with you?

Give it a try and let me know!

1- Set your intentions

By "set your intentions" I mean "Tell yourself why you're practicing today". Once my teacher told me that Yoga gives you what you ask of it: if you want flexibility, it'll give you flexibility; if you want strengh, it'll give you strengh; if you want a mean to get to know yourself deeper, you will get it. The point is that your energy goes where your mind is directing it so, to give meaning and direction to your practice might help in making it much more powerful.

2- Be consistent

Good things take time to happen. If you have already noticed that you feel so good after a random lesson, imagine how you might feel if you turned your practice into a habit.

3- Create a connection with your teacher

A thing that most Yoga teachers have in common is the fascination of having experienced how powerful and trasformative the practice is. Sharing this feeling with other people and seeing them get healthier and happier from it is the greatest gift. So, share your thoughts, doubts, goals, successes and problems with your teacher: her/his only goal is to see you thrive, take advantage of that.

4- Listen to your body

Use props whenever you need to.

While sometimes it is fun and rewarding to give ourselves a little challange, try not to push your body too far beyond its limits. Or sometimes push it hard, but just because you've listened and felt that today it is the right day to do so. Remember that your body is changing every single day: because you did or didn't do something yesterday, it doesn't mean today will be the same.

Focus on enjoying the sensations you get from your body and marvel at the amazing things it allows you to do.

5- Focus on yourself

Yoga is not a sport, therefore there's no competition. The only competition there is is with your Ego. Take the variations that feel good for you, fall flat on your face without caring, and remember that everyone has the very same fear of being judged. Let your Ego at the door and get ready to know your amazing self in all its vulnerabilities, weaknesses and strenghts.

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