Sometimes we get into a bad mood.

It is unavoidable and, in certain ways, also healthy. Therefore we need to acknowledge our bad feelings and let them be.

This said, though, when we get angry about something, or sad about something else, it's all too easy to get stuck in that slump, holding the grudge for much longer than any healthy emotion should stay. The good news is that we have the power to get out of it, and it's much easier (and pleasurable!) than what you think.

Whenever you feel stuck, give a try to one (or more!) of these things and feel the mood shift!

1-Eat with your hands

My friend, when was the last time that you ate with your hands? touching your food and feeling all

Prepare a meal that you can eat completely with your hands.

its consistencies, its warmth, getting dirty until your wrists with delicious sauces?

Do you remember when you were little and you got so much pleasure by getting all dirty with your food and people found you adorable? Let's make it happen again.

We have very deep connections with food, it makes us feel safe, protected and calmer. While we shouldn't use food as a mean to manage our emotions, it's so important to re-establish a connection with it, enjoying it in a mindful, present and nourishing way.

2-Walk barefoot

When was the last time you walked barefoot

Soak Nature in.

on the grass? Or on the sand?

Go to your garden, or to a park, and walk with your toes wild and free on the ground. Notice how, already from the first steps, it will make you feel calmer and relaxed.

3-Smile to strangers

You might feel a bit awkward at the beginning, and probably a couple of people will look at you with a grumpy/annoyed/suspicious face. But then there will be a person that, half surprised, half happy, is gonna smile back at you. And that one face is gonna uplift your whole day.

4-Eat something new

Yes, food again, because it's so deeply interconnected with our emotions. And eating something that you've never tasted before, new tastes and textures, it's gonna spark curiosity and excitement in your brain. Even better if you can prepare it with your own hands! Choose a recipe you've never prepared before, but for which you already have all the ingredients: the physical work and focus will take your mind off the bad feelings, and the reward of eating something you prepared yourself is gonna be extraordinary.

5-Take a class of something you've never tried

Dance class.

When you feel stuck a change of scenary can work miracles.

Check your area for interesting courses: dance? drawing? knitting?

Anything that sparks your attention. Try just one lessons and see how you feel afterwards.

Try one of these things (even when you're already in a good mood!) and let me know how it felt!

See you on the mat!

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