Radiant Life Project

When you experience trauma, you learn to shut certain parts of yourself off.

In that moment it’s right. It’s a defense mechanism.

The real problem is that it’s so difficult, sometimes too difficult, to get back in touch with those parts again. Because fear and pain have been trapped all over your body, and the only way to get in touch with those lost parts of you is through all that fear and pain and that’s, well, painful, and scary.

And yet they’re longing to come out again.

They want to get Sun, they want to get Love, they want to get Fun, Pleasure, Touch, Laughter, Sea and Forest.

You know that.

You feel that.


They are, you are, this beautiful, wild animal trapped in a cage, like a magnificent, wild cheetah in a zoo, watching people passing by, never fully awake, never fully asleep.

But it’s when you hear the sound of the waves, when you smell the smoke of the open fire, when you feel the earth under your feet, that your wilderness gets awakened. That you feel that you’re a wild, powerful woman.

You’re free.

You’re ancient spirit is free.

Let’s walk out of that cage.