Online Membership

Where you can practice whenever you want and be heard

I want to get to know You

This membership is the right place for you if you need:

  • Time

Life these days is definitely out of the ordinary. If you want to practice early in the morning but couldn’t find any classes, or late in the evening but don’t have the strength to go to a studio, this is for you.

Pre recorded classes that you can play at your own time.


  • Guidance

In each class I’ll take the time to give plenty of variations, and the ones that are best for you.

And I can do that because I know you. You and your body are special and unique, and I take the time to get to know you so that I can guide you.


  • A path

Together we will move on a path towards peace of mind and deep self connection. 

It’s only by working together with dedication that we can build something strong, rooted and worthy.


  • Community and accountability

While I want you to practice with your own time, i also want you to have the opportunity to inquire what you’ve felt and discovered, ask questions and share insights. This is what the monthly are circles are for.

A place to get to know each other, share and create community.

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Every month you can expect:

  • 1 surprise bonus (it could be a meditation, a somatic exploration, a strength exercise. That will largely depend on the members and what they need. So, it will be tailored on YOU and what YOU need)

  • 1 Sharing Circle (with Q&A)

How the Q&A is going to work:

During the first two weeks of the month you can collect all of your questions: maybe a doubt, a sensation you have, a modification you’d like to have, maybe you just want to go deeper into a topic.

But collect also insights, reflections, and anything you would like to share.

You will gather all of your questions and insights during the fist two weeks, send them to me (via a form I'll send at the beginning of the month), and I’ll answer live.

The video will be recorded and added to the membership in case you can’t join live.

But I would LOVE for you to.

The classes will be new and available on the 1st day of the month, and the old ones deleted. I chose this modality because it proved the most effective to keep you accountable and motivated to practice regularly.

The bonuses will be always available in the growing library of the Membership.

A few questions/comments I got:


Q: I don’t feel safe practicing without a teacher in the room.

A: I hear you. I know it can feel scary. But i want you to remember three important things:

- I know you. You know i take the time to inquire about you and your sensations because i know every body is special and unique in its own way. Because of that, the modifications I’ll offer in the videos will always be tailored on the people that are part of the community in that moment. They’ll be tailored on you.

- Secondly, your body talks, and it’s the best teacher you can have in the room with you.

The focus of my guidance is to always bring you back to your own bodily sensations, and your body always tells you when something is not right.

- Lastly, that’s why I want to have the sharing circles, and why I would love for you to be there.

Of course sometimes some guidance is necessary, and I want you to know that I’m there exactly to do that.

The Sharing Circles will always be mid-month, so that you’ll have two weeks to practice on your own and explore how the classes feel on your body, and another two weeks to practice after we’ve talked together.

Q: I’m not sure online will be as effective as in person.

A: I hear you, this was also a concern of mine when I started.

However, my experience with online classes has been wonderful: my practices have become much more personal, as i didn’t feel the pressure of “performing” in front of other people.

I stop when I need to, I linger when I want to, I make the craziest sounds.

In online communities people might also feel safer because of being in an environment they know, and I shared very deep experiences.

I also know it’s not for everyone, that’s why you can stop your membership at any moment.

All you have to do is to get in touch with me at least a week before the automatic renewal writing an email at

Your investment:

You can choose whether you want to subscribe monthly for 37euro/month (billed monthly)

or if to subscribe for a whole year, paying a total of 370euro (2 month free, billed annually)