Feel connected again with this sweet Yin Yoga practice.
Where should I send it?

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Cruyslei 57

2100 Deurne

Antwerp, Belgium

Imagine this:


a beautiful hour of Yoga, filled with the magic of deep breathing, movement, and the bliss of relaxation.

With your friends only.

In the comfort of your living room.


How does it sound?


Living room Yoga is this: the beauty of Yoga with all the comfort, coming to you.

It's the opportunity to enjoy an hour (or more!) to nourish yourself, with the people you choose, in the coziness of your own place.

All you have to do is choose a place and an hour, and boil some tea to enjoy with your mates when I'm gone.

Available moments:

Monday from 17h

Tuesday from 17h

Wednesday from 13h

Thursday from 18h

Friday from 17h

Saturday all day

Sunday from 15h

The fare is 50€ per hour + commute (it varies according to the area)

To plan your gorgeous hour of Living Room Yoga you can write me a mail at silviarondelliyoga@gmail.com, or send me a WhatsApp message at 0456145401