Kinder to you

The workshop

If you're feeling:

  • EXHAUSTED because of always taking care of everyone else

  • ANGRY at others because you don't feel respected, and at yourself because of reacting harshly

  • WANTING and NEEDING to be kind to yourself, as much as you are to anyone else 

I got you.

I've prepared a two hour experience all about:

  • Recognizing why you are worthy, and you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone


  • How to reconnect to parts of yourself that you have pushed down because someone told you they were wrong


  • How to be your full, authentic, big, loud, expansive, beautiful self


  • No more fear, no more shame, as they dissolve in our shared stories


We will nurture your body with compassionate touch, move it in powerful ways.

We will gently explore your inner world with journaling and meditation.

We will take care of the whole of you: mind, body and soul.

We will meet on Thursday, April 1st at 8pm CEST, and we'll be together for two hours.

The recording will be yours to keep forever.

To join, follow both of these steps: 

1- Make your payment of 47€ here

2- Register here to receive your Zoom link

Registration closes at 6pm CEST.

If you have any question reach out at

I'm looking forward to this experience with you!