I've designed my offer so that I can be with you in every different stage of your journey

Group classes - trauma informed Yoga

During these 10 weeks together I will guide you to slowly get back in touch with your body, to slowly release the pain it’s holding.

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group program- coming soon

My group program is the right place to start if you’re ready to start the work to take your life back.


You will start your journey supported by a loving community of people that, each with their own story, know what you’re going through.

I will be there to guide you and support you with the first steps that need to be taken to heal and bring all the parts of you back together.


Every week we will go through a different topic to lay new foundations so that you can start to feel safe, in control and empowered.

Private classes and coaching

After laying the foundations, you’ll be ready to go deeper.

Individual work is very intense, you cannot blend into the group when you don’t feel like being seen.

And that’s exactly why 1:1 work is so powerful. Because now that you’ve built the resources you need, you’re ready to face all the scary things that stop you from being your happier you.

While the resources needed -resilience, strength and equanimity- are the same for everyone, your story is unique to you.

 I use a variety of tools that include stream of consciousness talk, Yoga asanas, meditation and visualization, journaling , somatics, chanting and introspection.

We will not use them all, maybe one day you need to talk and breathe, another one you might need to move and chant.

But the beauty is that they’re all available to us.

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on-line membership

The membership is the right place when you feel you’re ready to be mostly independent.

The movement practices I offer are filled with free movement and voicing, which are the last steps of your journey back home to your body.

In here you’ll find community, my guidance, and more freedom to structure your work.

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Wether you've already set  your heart on the work you'd like to do together and need more info, or would just like to get to know me, I would love to chat with you.

You can either write me a message, or book a free call.

Choose what makes you feel more comfortable.

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