We can explore the incredible miracle of your body in different ways:

Private classes and coaching

Privates are an intense, beautiful journey.

While I love group classes, sometimes you just need to go deeper into certain aspects of yourself, and this requires dedication, uniqueness and undivided attention.

Your journey to awareness.

before we start our work together I always have a 30 minutes introductory call.

It’s important to me to understand what your needs and your goals are, what is to be avoided and what would be good for you.

To check in on where you are, where you want to go, and to figure out all the steps to get there.

And it’s important for you to feel if you want to work with me.


If we both feel right about it, I like to take a few days to write down a road map for our journey together, and then we’re ready to start.


I use a variety of tools that include stream of consciousness talk, Yoga asanas, meditation and visualization, journaling , somatics, chanting and introspection.

We will not use them all, maybe one day you need to talk and breathe, another one you might need to move and chant.

But the beauty is that they’re all available to us.

Book your call at the bottom of this page.


I’m planning some special workshops, one-off events of some 3 hours where we dive deeper into the theoretical and practical aspects of a specific topic.

You can come back to the website and check the events page, or subscribe here to have them delivered to your inbox.

on-line membership

Our new way to practice together.

Find out more here.

If after reading you have any question or doubt, pop it in the box here under.

Wether you've already set  your heart on the work you'd like to do together and need more info, or would just like to get to know me, I would love to chat with you.

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Weekly Love Letters

Each week I send out a Love Letter with incredible facts about your beautiful body, updates about classes and the membership and, mostly, to remind you how already perfect you are.


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