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Cruyslei 57

2100 Deurne

Antwerp, Belgium


The same lesson will be taught in the morning and in the evening so, showld we plan to practice something you were looking forward to, you don't have to worry about missing it, just coming at the hour that suits you the best.

Each lesson, however, will have nuances making it more suitable to how our bodies feel either in the morning or in the evening, but the essential structure and focus will be the same.



Always bring your own Yoga Mat.

A mat is a safe, sacred space that you can always go back to. Therefore it's important to have your own.

However, if you don't own a mat or simply couldn't bring your own, no worries, I got you covered. You can rent one of the studio's mats for 1.5€ per session, knowing that they're washed and sanitized after every use.

If you're coming to practice Yin Yoga, you'll want to wear some comfortable clothes that allow for movement and, most importantly, warm. In Yin Yoga we don't use our muscles, so we're not getting warm. On the contrary, we relax and stand still for long stretches of time, so we actually cool down. For the first times I would suggest bringing an extra sweater and warm socks.

If you're coming to practice Hatha & Flow, you'll want to wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement, and I suggest you dress in layers.

The practice varies a lot from beginning to end, we'll pass from stillness to slower and faster movements, then back to back to stillness, so you might want to be able to dress and undress accordingly.

If you're coming to practice Yoga conditioning, get ready to sweat! Bring a bottle of water.

During any lesson, props like straps, blocks and blankets are provided, but if you'd like to bring your own, you always can.


All the lessons will be thaught in English.

Click on either image to get to know a bit more about each style.



Dear Yogi, please remember that you always have to book your classes, minimum 12 hours in advance.
Thanks, and see you on the mat!