Anxiety Resources

Anxiety can have very different origins, and very different ways to show and express itself.

Anxiety that is rooted in early trauma has deeper roots, so deep that sometimes it's even difficult to track them, and can manifest in very physical, intense ways.

If the anxiety you're experiencing comes out unexpectedly with a suddenly high heart rate, shortness of breath, sweat and a sense of panic, watch this video.

Even though dealing with old anxiety is a long term game, this technique will help you in the immediate.


And then there's anxiety that come from our lifestyle, what we often identify with "stress":

from a stressful job full of deadlines and tasks that pile one on top of the other,

taking care of your children, to whom you would want to give only the best of you, and yet you're so tired you always end up fighting,

a global pandemic that has completely changed our way of touching each other, talking to each other, looking at each other.

This kind of anxiety might of might not express itself as the one related to early trauma. if it does, refer back to the video above.

But it could also come out has chronic fatigue, headaches, a general sense of overwhelm.

If that's the case, read these articles to get some insights on what might helpful.

Finally, if you know you want a completely personalised approach, that aims to understand your triggers and to find solutions to make your days feel again as light and carefree as a holiday, book a call to learn more about how I work with private sessions.

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