It's so nice to meet you!

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Silvia,

and I serve people who are ready to let go of anxiety,

and looking forward to be carelessly happy and relaxed again.


Is this you?


If you're already feeling a "full body yes",

here is what you can get

you can get the tools to deal with unwanted emotions while getting more curious about them.

You can get the beautiful feeling of doing something that no one told you to do , that there’s no reason to do, but that you enjoy.


And if one of the things you're longing for is a good, easy night sleep,

I can give techniques to stop the buzz of thoughts and drift away into the nourishing sleep you need.




When I’m not teaching lessons on how to stand still and do nothing, I can be found:

  • on my sofa reading about anatomy

  • at my table watching seminars about yoga philosophy

  • at the city park listening to the birds

All of that at maximum 1 meter away from Turbo, our furry grandad and mindfulness master.

The home of my heart and soul is the Lisbon you could visit 10 years ago, and any place with the magic of the sea.


If you’re up for more, here are

5 things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I might have a problem with left and right (which is gonna make our lessons oh so interesting)

  2. I meditate every day (and I still yell in traffic)

  3. Breath work helps me a lot with my peace of mind. Sometimes wine does.

  4. I’m honing my vegan skills and I’m on my way to a mean hazelnut chai latte.

  5. The last book I read was from Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my absolute favourite authors. If you've never read anything from her, please do. If you're a fan like me, we're already friends.


This page is finished, but our journey together is only at the beginning.

Leave your address in the box right under and I’ll send you beautiful (self-) love letters evey week.