Feel connected again with this sweet Yin Yoga practice.
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Cruyslei 57

2100 Deurne

Antwerp, Belgium

My name is Silvia.

I'm a certified Yoga Instructor recognized by Yoga Alliance, the international Yoga organization, and I've been teaching Yoga for two years.

I teach Yin, Hata&Flow and Yoga conditioning. (You can get more information about these styles at the "Classes and Timetable" page).

I started practicing Bikram -or Hot Yoga- six years ago  because I've always been fascinated by the mystery that Yoga, according to me, was surrounded with.

I discovered a practice that made me feel incredibly good, refreshed and "clean", both in my body and in my mind. 

You might want to start practicing Yoga to do some exercise, to try something new, or to explore the teachings of a philosophy very different to our way of life.

Any of these reasons sounds like a very good one to me.


I like to teach at a rather slower pace, in order to have the time to feel every movement, and the effect it has on our body and our mind (but beware, that doesn't mean it won't get sweaty!).

During the practice I like to give anatomy hints, share philosophy quotes, personal anecdotes and silly jokes.

It would be an honor if you chose to practice and share your journey with me.