Private Yoga for emotional healing

come home to yourself

it's so good to have you here!

Seriously, I'm very excited.

I’ve been studying so much in the last months, and I just can’t wait to share all this goodness with you.

I want us to meet in that beautiful middle point that is right in between what I love to teach, and what you want and need.

And, to meet you there, I need to know what you want and need.

I need to get to know you.

In a dream world I would invite you over for one of my awesome chai-vegan-lattes, we would listen to beautiful music and chat about life.

While I work on it, you can read about how we can work together here and then, when you have an idea, you can book you discovery call for a live chat (yay!).

Otherwise, I’ve prepared a short questionnaire, so that you can let me know when it best suits you.

You can find it here.

In either case, I can’t wait to hear from you!

How we can work together


There are so many things I would want to talk about with you during our classes: philosophy, the anatomy, benefits and hidden secrets of   poses, I would want to talk about your experience, to create community. Alas, time runs so fast! A class is never enough to go through all this goodness.

Now you can find all of that in here.

Private classes and coaching

Privates are an intense, beautiful journey.

While I love group classes, sometimes you just need to go deeper into certain aspects of yourself, and this requires dedication, uniqueness and undivided attention.

Your journey to awareness.

Group classes

While waiting a few days for the official timetable to come out, take a look at the styles I teach.


Weekly Love Letters

Each week I send out a Love Letter with incredible facts about your beautiful body, updates about classes and the membership and, mostly, to remind you how already perfect you are.


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