Private Yoga and coaching

come back home to your body 

you're not alone.

I see you.

I know all too well that trauma doesn’t end when it ends.

Even if the fact itself is finished, it doesn’t feel like it in your body that is always stiff and contracted, in your mind that doesn’t stop spinning over and over.

And I know you feel alone in this.


You’re not, I see you.

And I can walk you from that place where nothing seems to be in control, to where you can find lightness, happiness, quiet.

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Private classes and coaching

Privates are an intense, beautiful journey.

While I love group classes, sometimes you just need to go deeper into certain aspects of yourself, and this requires dedication, uniqueness and undivided attention.

Your journey to awareness.

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Kinder to you

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5 days to acknowledge your worth and being your authentic, expansive, beautiful self with no fear.

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